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Hey how you doing?

Richie Quick here. Im just a regular guy, Im not like this "ultimate player" I don't throw cash at women,

I get real girls to like me, All the time, every day.. Its amazing.

This is my ride.. A 2000 dodge stratus.

ALOT of magic has happened at my parent's house throughout the years.

I don't have a house of my own, but.. I still get girls. I bring them back here!

Now I know you want to be able to do the same.

PLUS you are probably a thousand times better off than I am so why not right? Getting tired of the rejection and the pain?

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NOTICE: It is always important to practice safe sex.

And all I get all day are comments and questions from you guys

Like.. "How do you get these hot chicks to hang out with you and do this stuff?"

and you want to know what?

These girls aren't paid actresses. They are not strippers, they aren't hookers.

Jules is a great friend of ours, she is actually not very promiscuous..

You probably either get rejected all the time, make awkward approaches, or spend 6 hours treating a lady nice only to have her leave without you without telling you she's leaving,

and never talking to you again.

You SUCK!!!!! And how much you wanna bet you don't have a history like mine.

listen to this.. just listen..

I grew up on Harvard rd in Danbury CT.

I wasn't blessed with a wealthy upbringing.

I dropped out of high school.

Were not reading off anything, this isn't made up. This is REAL.

I got experience, I got some game.

And want to know something else?

I teach this stuff.

And my students get just as much play as I do. Some of them even more.

I use three very simple, practical philosophies. They do not involve treating women badly, acting "cocky" or showing off.

I guess a long time ago I was told by a good friend that I was a "Lover boy." And he didn't mean it like I was a pick up artist.

In fact, up until a year ago I didn't know what "Pick up artist" even meant.

I would often fall in love with my girlfriends very quickly, and I would enjoy my time with them.

This gave me alot of experience throughout the years and then when I applied myself to my students, and created my curriculum, I made sure that it would yield results.

This is why I have the #1 spot on Google for Seduction advice now.

So how does my system work?

Well alot of it is very organic, natural communication. Alot of it has to do with showing the woman you care about yourself and do nice things for yourself.

You need to invest in yourself and not into her. The pampering and overdoing it trying to impress her makes her feel like you are trying to hard and this ruins the attraction.

My 3 step strategy for my students is very honest and makes total sense.

And I know it's not easy working with women. It can alot of the time be a cat & mouse game.

But not with this... Guaranteed.

They dig it bro.

Ive taught hundreds of thousands of people just like you how to get thousands of girls.

Audio Mantra for Use With MP3 Player

This is how I started helping my friends. Alot of them had started to ask, "why did you of all people become the master of manipulation."

I said, man... LOL I'm really not! Im just myself, but if I could give you the "Secret, it's this & that."

So I dunno, I guess Im not really sure what I say on the tape, but I do it for hours, on tape. My friends listened to it and the next thing I know theyve got girls. :)

So this is what the Richie Quick course is.

It is step by step, and it is organized. I make sure that I go over everything that you REALLY must know about the initial pick up, what not to do, and then what to do the second date, etc.

I even break it down into different situations, like for instance if you are in a wheelchair, man Ive been in the streets and have seen it all.

If you want it from the school of hard knocks, and not these posers with rented ferraris and hookers, Im your guy.

Youve seen my house, youve seen me with girls (Even though my distributor made me edit all of those scenes out of the movie)

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So with that being said, I have prepared an ebook, and complete VIDEO collection that goes over every aspect of seduction.

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It's all you need.

It is absolutely amazing..

It has nothing to do with being a jerk, cocky or "ignoring" her..

This is practical and makes sense.

Sure it has to do with memorizing a certain play, there is nothing wrong with that.

But you will flip when she actually responds and locks in on you.

You may actually want her to take a step back. (Be careful who you try this on)

But a bad reputation, we can definitely change that for you.

Enter your name and email to download my 100% FREE blueprint that I guarantee to work no matter who you are, what you look like or how much money you have. Again this is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

NOTICE: It is always important to practice safe sex.

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These extensive videos come with your membership:

1. How to ask a girl out
Learn what to say and not to say when first approaching the lady of your life. This is completely ethical and natural. Instill natural attraction without looking like a goof.
2. The approach
This is an elaboration on lesson #1, where we master the approach and how to go about it to ensure a healthy transition.
3. Social Networks
Social networks like Facebook and Twitter play a huge role in society today. In this lesson we will go over how to use social networks to get laid.
4. Your "other" Facebook profile
This is a continuation of lesson #3. In lesson #3 we talked about how Facebook is not really the method in itself to ask a girl out, but can be used for another purpose altogether.
5. Turning a friend into a lover
This video is for the dude who has heard the famous lines "I don't want to ruin our friendship" one too many times. This lesson is sure to make you a bonified friend "transformer" after you are done watching.
6. "She's out of my league"
And she probably think this too drippy! Well, at least before . Just watch!
7. Rejection
Rejection will never happen again. There will always be some sort of response and real empathy by the female you are interested in if you stick to these steps.
8. Ugly guys
This is one of my favorite lessons. We will go over how to use this perceived "negative" into a positive. It is easy.
9. Texting
What and how to say it with a text message. Copy & paste mine for easy application. Follow the sequence and you can't lose.
10. Cockblockery
Never let some other dude mess up your stance again. This is a practical eye opener. A real wake up call. This is all you need to ensure your success in a public place or around other males.
11. The second date
After the first time, the second time is supposed to be a big breakthrough. Go out with a BANG and listen to everything we go over in this lesson.
12. Where to find horny women
Where do you look? Watch this video and find out. No matter where you are in the world, there are some spots you have never thought of before.

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